March 2018

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In this article I am going to discuss whether selling information products is still profitable today. You see, the price of information is becoming less and less so is information marketing dying out?

The Internet was basically developed to provide people anywhere at any time, with help and information. Therefore as long as there is an Internet there will always be a need for information. Therefore providing information is still in demand but the question is, is it still profitable?

You will notice that there is more and more information available for free online although it might take you quite a while to find specific information and to compile and research that information for your own purposes. Therefore in terms of paying for information there will always be a market for this – people who want someone else to spend the time and do the research to compile the information in a nice easy to access package.

But is it still profitable?

There is more and more competition from people selling information and you may notice that the price of information is going down. A few years ago you might have paid $47 for an e-book whereas today you can probably purchase it for seven dollars.

Why is this?

Obviously competition has a lot to do with it but I believe that there is something lacking in a lot of the low priced information products. You see it is easy to spend time researching and compiling information and then packaging it in a format that people will pay for but what people really want is information based on experience.

Therefore people want expert information. They want to buy information that has been produced by someone who is an expert and someone who is able to pass on personal experience and knowledge which of course is priceless.

Therefore information marketing is still profitable but realistically you need to become an expert in order to see those profits. If you are happy making a small amount of money online selling low-priced information products then that is fair enough. However if you want a full time income then you really need to develop an area of expertise in your niche and produce high-quality products that are unique to you and include your own personal experiences.

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If you are creating information products then you need more than one. In order to make a full income online you need multiple products. In this article I am going to discuss how to create your own product line.

Having just one product to promote to your prospects severely limits the amount of money that you can make. If you create multiple products and have a line of products that people can purchase then you build up your credibility and also the potential to generate more income.

The first product you create is probably the hardest but once you have done that then creating your own product line becomes much easier.

Whatever niche you are in there will be specific things that people will need help with. Being able to provide that help in the form of a product is the way that you can easily create your own product line.

The best way to find out what types of products will sell is to communicate with people who are most likely to want your help. Therefore you should target your marketing efforts towards people who have an interest in your particular niche.

Find out where those particular people are congregating online and then get involved yourself. One of the best ways to begin an ongoing relationship with potential customers is to create an email campaign and encourage them to sign up to your list.

You can then begin to build up your relationship and communicate with them through emails. If you develop an interactive email campaign then you have a great opportunity to find out and discover exactly what the needs are of people on your list.

This is really important as it enables you to find out exactly the kind of products that you can create in the future. When someone purchases your first product then again nurture that relationship and find out what other things that customer is finding difficult and what help they would benefit from having. This again will give you another idea of products to create that will be suitable for your existing customers.

If you use your subscribers and your existing customers as a source of product ideas then it becomes far easier to develop your own product line and to encourage repeat buyers.

Once you have multiple products you can test to find out which ones convert the best and which products are purchased in which order. This will enable you to set up a product funnel that you can put into your auto responder email campaign so that you can promote your funnel on autopilot.

Getting The Online Results You Deserve

If you’re not seeing the results you want with your online efforts then it might be down to what you’re actually selling. I have discovered that when you create your own information products you are far more successful but you need to keep the momentum going and get products out quickly.

Product Creation Product Creation

In this article I am going to discuss the pros and cons of digital readers. If you are creating digital information products then understanding this can be helpful.

A digital book is basically a book that has been created in an electronic format and can be read using an electronic device such as a digital reader. Common formats are PDFs and Kindle books.

The digital reader is a device that enables you to read electronic books. One of the earliest types of digital readers was developed by Sony but there are now many other devices out there including mobile devices.

I think that when it comes to looking at the pros and cons of a digital reader it really comes down to personal choice. There are those who prefer to actually have a piece of paper in their hand and to actually read something by being able to touch and feel the book.

I think that there are times when this is certainly true for most people especially when you are using a book for research purposes and you want to be able to flick through to certain pages that you can bookmark. Personally I find this much easier with a physical book.

However, one of the main benefit’s of using a digital reader is that of price – being able to download a book in an electronic format is generally much cheaper. The costs associated with producing it are much less than with a physical book. This is of course of benefit to both the consumer and the producer.

Also if you are an avid reader then having a digital reader whereby you can download a whole load of books makes it far easier when for example, you go on holiday and you don’t want to have to load your suitcase up with lots of books for you to read.

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As with everything in Life, no matter how complex a subject is… It must first start with a seed of simplicity that we often refer to as the Fundamentals.

Internet Marketing is no different, the same principles that apply offline apply online. Most people would actually be surprised to learn that they could learn a great deal about Internet Marketing simply by picking up a basic Marketing book from the 1960s.

Crazy Right?

I thought the same thing until I finally caught on to what I like to call the “Get It” Moment. This is the moment when It seems like something that was so abstract to you has suddenly taken on new meaning, and this new meaning suddenly makes so much more sense!

It is this moment that the things that seemed so complex, become merely trivial concepts that we are able to do without giving a second thought

(such as tying a shoe)

Internet Marketing Explained:

Yes Internet Marketing is comprised of the Basic concept known as Marketing.

The Internet is just the place that the marketing is taking place. Most people automatically get intimidated when they hear the word Internet In front of the word Marketing, they immediately write it off as “Too Hard” or “Too much work”.

This is the type of thinking that leads most people to their destruction online.

And in their Fear, they search for the Easiest solution to help solve their problem. And It is this search that leads them to the “Push Button Software” that we all have come across at one point or another.

But if you are a frequent reader, then I am sure that you already know that we are firm believers that there is no such thing as a push button program to make a beginner millions overnight.

To reiterate, The main concept of making money online is MARKETING – The Internet is just the location where the marketing is taking place. Hence the name “Internet marketing” or Online Marketing.

For Example, If I went to Burger King and the cashier convinces me to super-size my order, Technically speaking… we can call it BK-marketing because It was at BK that the marketing caused me to spend more money than I intended!

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Perfectionism can be a good aim but when it comes to digital product creation it can be the one big thing that stops you from releasing your product. New buildings have snagging lists and you need the same kind of thing when you create a new digital product to make sure that everything works. But just because the sound levels are slightly off – Or there’s one too many coughs or umms and errs that you should have edited out – or any other excuse to procrastinate – doesn’t mean you can’t launch your new product.

Providing the product delivers what it promises on the sales page then it’s probably good enough to release.

If Microsoft had waited until Windows was perfect, we’d still be waiting. The same goes for Apple and all the other operating systems out there.

Henry Ford’s. The Model T wasn’t perfect but it worked well enough to release.

Walk round your supermarket and take a note of how many products are “new and improved” which implies they weren’t perfect in the first place either.

All of which means that the first step to overcoming perfectionism is to realise that your product will never be perfect.

And even if you think it is, that doesn’t mean the whole world will agree with you.

Going back to computers, there are people who’d argue that Chrome is the only “perfect” web browser. And others who would laugh in their face at the very thought.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the same goes for your new product as well.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t perform certain checks.

Indeed you should do that.

Which means for a digital product you need to check that any videos play, PDFs open and the links inside them are clickable and go through to the intended pages, basic checks like that.

But it doesn’t mean that you have to spend hours, weeks or even days deciding whether to use Arial or Verdana as your font and whether it should be 12 or 13 point size or whatever else has taken your mind of the task of actually releasing your product.

Actually it’s often our mind that is our biggest enemy.

If you take forever between completing your new digital product and almost releasing it, there’s almost certainly a lot of noisy chatter in your mind that’s holding you back.

There are whole products that help you deal with that and they’re outside the scope of this article but the gist of it is that you’re the one creating that chatter. Unless you’re speaking it out loud, no-one else can hear it!

And whilst you may not believe me, you’re in control of what’s being said.

Even if it’s taking a tone of voice that no-one in real life would dare try to get away with.

If that’s the case for you – and we all have doubts occasionally – tell the voice where to go. It’s probably safest to do that in your head unless you’re somewhre you’re sure you can’t be heard but do it anyway.

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Hindi tunes are basically linked to Bollywood or even Indian movie music genres. The aesthetic styles of the classical era proved very evolving. Sets from structure, rendition and recording continues to be roughly simplicity. Folk music has been that the bottom from the cinema though there were so good borrowings from the classical Hindustani gharanas. Even the thumri, ghazal, devotional songs and also the geet are distinct types of Hindi songs new hindi songs.

Modern trends tend to be somewhat more about capturing the basis of old Hindi tunes. The quality of fantastic audio is held alive by many accomplished musicians that are toddlers great Hindi tunes to the audience to relish. The civilization of Radio wherein one could sleep tuning to Bela ke phool is now replaced with yuppie radio jockeys from FM channels. This really is equally enjoyable since they converse sensibly and play good Hindi tunes.

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Hindi music from your yester-years certainly are a really good selection. The artists of this gold era continue to be appreciated and it is lovely to watch competitions in music shows emulate their role types. Initial scores are now doctored in to re mix versions that’s also admired as a talent. The Oscar felicitation truly can make us shout exactly the’Jai Ho’ amount.